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Hanging with Beau...jolais

May 21, 2015


Hi Everyone! 


I know everyone ran to Carpe Vino to grab a sancerre rose from the last post discussion. This post we will explore a wine type called "beaujolais." Before this bottle and some help with our awesome wine rep, I thought red beaujolias was a light french wine. Well, I have found out that is like saying everyone in North America is the same. 


I obviously missed the mark, and to be honest, I feel like I still have a lot to learn about this style. It is primarily made from the gamay grape. The gamay grape is light and colorful. It's filled with fruit notes, flower notes, spice notes and other notes including smoke, minerals, leather and eucalyptus.


The term appellation is pretty important when it comes to understanding beaujolais. Instead of do a quick google search appellation, here is the definition from wikipedia. "An appellation is a legally defined and protected geographical indication used to identify where the grapes for a wine were grown." Beaujolais has 12 different appellations, and the two largest have over 100 winemaking villages! (Now you are starting to understand the North America comment earlier.) Beaujolais wines are associated with a processing called carbonic maceration where the grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide rich environment prior to crushing. I warned you there is a lot!!! 


The wine that I decided to open is Pays des Pierres Dorees, Domaine Marion Pral Cuvee Terroir. (Cuvee means blend and terrior refers the land or earth the wine comes from). This wine is a 100% gamay, but a blend from different "terriors" in the area. This is a meaty beaujolais. As one website said "this is not your mama's beaujolais!" I believe it. It was extremely fruity on the front in end with some hints of bitter and minerality on the finish. 


Name: Pays des Pierres Dorees, Domaine Marion Pral Cuvee Terroir

Cost: $15.99


-100% gamay

- light in color (brightness) 

- fruity on the nose (Blackberries & strawberries)

- some minerality on the finish

- complex and meaty for a "beaujolais" 


Overall: This a lovely wine, but it is not my go to. Fruity wines are not my favorite, but if you like Meomi this could be a really great wine for you to explore. Since we discussed how vast beaujolais wines are, I will definitely try some more to better understand the wine! I think I would give this wine a 6.5. 





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