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Sancerre Rose: Is that a typo of Sincerely Rose?

May 12, 2015

What is it? Rose is made primarily from red grapes (with the exception of some rose champagnes). Basically, they do not process the skin with the juice and that is why it has a lighter color. Roses can come in all different styles. Some can be sweet, but for the most part, they are a light dry wine. Perfect for a drinking outside in the summer with a shrimp salad. Yum...I think I got side tracked thinking about the beach and wine! 


So today we are looking at a rose from the Sancerre region in France. As some might know, France names its wines after the area it is from-- not the grape or grapes. 


The Sancerre region is a bit south of Paris. Wall Street Journal wrote a pretty entertaining article on why everyone loves sancerre wines. They called sancerre wines "the tom hanks of wine." I call it a "crowd pleaser." 


Okay! Let's get to the actual wine. For this study, I grabbed a bottle of Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2014. Roses in general should be enjoyed young. You will note this rose is a light peach color...almost a salmon color. (Also to be noted- my lovely Rombauer glass that I recently broke while cleaning.) Sancerre roses are often largely made from the pinot noir grape. This particular one is a 100 percent pinot noir. So I like bullet points so I will probably assess the wines in a reader-friendly (i.e. brief bullets) format.


Let's just get something out there. So if you are reading this, you have access to google. I am not going to rewrite the winery's tasting notes. But check them out here if you would like!


Name: 2014 Pascal Julivet Sancerre Rose

Cost: $19.99


-100% pinot noir

- light in color (light peach, salmon) 

- initially dry

- soft hints of strawberry and goosenberry in the finish

- not a lot of smell on the nose

- developed flavors 


Food Suggestions: 

- goat cheese

- salad with lemon dijon vinaigrette (I've got a KILLER shrimp, watermelon, avocado salad that would be perfect!)

- bold enough to hold up to chicken

- elegant enough to be paired with raw oysters


Overall Comments: This is a FUN wine. I love Rhone roses. So I went into this thinking that Sancerre roses will not supercede my beloved Rhone wines. Well, it definitely proved me wrong. This wine has lots of personality! It's touch of berry with a little bit of zest allows it to be paired with food with a developed profile. Let's do a 1- 10 scale for the wines (1 being the worst). Sancerre Rose- 8.75


I will be grabbing this a LOT more, and I would suggest you do too! Until the next bottle. #BandCwining Tweet us! @catwhitehill4 & @ebrandtgarrison





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